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“I have never gone deeper inside myself or felt so full as I have on this retreat. I truly fell in love with all the other women there! Raizel creates such a safe and supportive atmosphere, it felt holy. I felt holy. I  felt honored and blessed and wise. These are things I don’t usually feel. I love feeling this way!”

Andrea Kisavina

“Before meeting Raizel I was living, but rarely felt ‘alive.’ It’s remarkable what one person can do to help you reconnect with yourself. Raizel has helped me to find ‘ME’ again!”

Melissa K.

“I’m a person who has had trouble making deep connections with other women in my life. Being in  this circle with Raizel I was finally able to let down my defenses. I realized I had been judging myself  so harshly and afraid others would judge me as well. I discovered such acceptance and camaraderie amongst the other women in the group that I was able to love myself again. Truly, this has been the  most profound experience of my life. I can’t wait for the next one!”

Becky M.

“It’s rare to meet someone whose passion is to help other women make their lives better. Raizel is someone who not only encouraged me to be a happier person, but she’s showing me how to make that happen in the midst of all the other things going on in my life. She has helped me find the balance between all of the things I have to do, and some of the things I want to do. Because of her, I no longer resent having so many responsibilities and now I’m falling in love with my life again!”

Betty J.

“Raizel’s insight and compassion are profound. She has the ability to transform a despairing situation into one full of hope and possibilities.”

Betty Cannon, Ph.D.

President: Boulder Psychotherapy Institute

“Raizel brings a diverse background and many talents to her work. She has a gift and a passion for empowering women to reclaim and celebrate their self-worth. I love just being around her!”

Karen Wright, MA, NCC, LPC Psychotherapist

“Raizel changes lives….she understands women.”

Isabella H.

“Time spent with Raizel is beneficial time, transformative and awakening time. In all my years, Raizel remains as the most gifted listener and compassionate communicator I have known. She is able to care in a depth and breadth not widely known or experienced, in her availability. 5 Days with Raizel, and women resting, re-awakening and re-nourishing is a gift well received, creating  time eternal and friendships anew. A journey to another part of ourselves, yet to be discovered, explored and supported.”

Amy Lee Jarvis

“There are events in life that alter our character, our being and our lives. For me those events were the death of my father and the birth of my two girls.

Raizel has been a huge support over the years in processing these events, as well in my marriage. The week end before my first daughter was born I attended an amazing woman’s retreat lead by Raizel. That week end I felt bathed in support. The work we embarked upon was moving and extremely cathartic. The night I returned from the mountain retreat my water broke and I went into labor. I have always felt the reason I went into labor that night was because of the support I received that weekend.Four years later I was due to have our second daughter and each day that passed I felt anxious about the birth. I wished my father could be there, I wondered if I could parent two children, I was scared….but not sure why. I went to see Raizel and experienced an extremely moving meditation session. During our session I felt a peace and support that I believe allowed my body, being and baby to feel safe and able to labor. That night I went into labor and had a fast and very special birth of our second daughter. I feel this birth helped me to bond with my daughter and has been an empowering and healing event.”

Jessica Cromie, RN

“Raizel provides kind, insightful counsel in an artful and life changing manner. She helps me think about the future in new and exciting ways and has helped me love myself for who I am!”

Aubrey K. Lande, MS, OTR Director – Conscious Sensory Processing Institute

“Raizel is warm, approachable, non-judgmental, wise and intuitive. These qualities allowed me – an incredibly private person – to quickly grow in ways I had only dreamed possible prior to working with her. I was delighted at how she helped me uncover long-hidden obstacles that had me feeling stuck. Raizel is a woman of grace and I sincerely encourage anyone needing even the smallest amount of guidance to take a journey of self-discovery with her.”

Abigail G.